Request a Letter of Support

What is a Letter of Support?

In Baltimore City, if a resident or developer wishes to make changes to a property that requires exceptions to the existing building code, individuals should first reach out to their community - even before filing for permits. 

Developers and residents often request letters of support from their community association to prove to the Department of Planning, City Council, or Baltimore Municipal Zoning Appeals board that they have received approval for a project that may disrupt the community's well being. 

RHA Letter of Support Process

Since 2021, Reservoir Hill Association (RHA) has strived to create a fair and equitable process for requesting a letter of support. We ask all developers and residents to follow the same Letter of Support Process, which is detailed below.

To see the status of a decision about a support letter, please see our page "Support Letter Tracker". You can also use the tracker to find all the related files about a property.

Thank you for your interest in receiving a letter of support from the Reservoir Hill Association. As a representative body of the Reservoir Hill community, we are committed to ensuring transparency and democracy in our actions. As such, in order for us to write a letter of support, we ask for your partnership in completing the following tasks:

Step 1: Contact your neighbors

Provide written evidence of contacting the abutting and adjacent property owners and residents. Here is an example, with the petitioning property in blue and abutting and adjacent properties in orange:

Step 2: Request a meeting

Request a date to present your request before the general membership of the RHA. At this meeting you may respond to any questions or concerns about your request before the general membership body. 

Email to request a meeting.

Step 3: Provide presentation materials

Provide informational materials, including your presentation, for website upload and sharing with our general membership.

Step 4: Await a decision

Allow two weeks for a vote on your request by the Planning and Development Committee or General Membership.

Thank you for your interest in the development of the Reservoir Hill community. Please email if you have any questions or concerns about this process or the status of your request.