PDC Support Letter Tracker

What is a Letter of Support?

In Baltimore City, if a resident or developer wishes to make changes to a property that requires exceptions to the existing building code, individuals should first reach out to their community - even before filing for permits. 

Developers and residents often request letters of support form their community association to prove to the Department of Planning, City Council, or Baltimore Municipal Zoning Appeals board that they have received approval for a project that may disrupt the community's well being. Reservoir Hill Association strives to create a fair and equitable process for requesting a letter of support. 

If you are a resident or developer interested in requesting a letter of support for an upcoming development project, please go to the "Request a Letter of Support" page for more information on how RHA makes decisions on whether or not to support or project. 

RHA PDC Support Letter Tracker

Please use the below RHA Support Letter tracker to see the status of development projects in the Reservoir Hill neighborhood. This tracker is managed by the Planning and Development Committee to provide transparency in our decision making process.

Use the magnifying glass to search for a particular property or project. If you have requested a meeting with RHA  and your property does not appear on this tracker, please contact pdc@reservoirhillassociation.org.