Join a Committee

The Reservoir Hill Association is governed by volunteer residents of the Reservoir Hill community. If you have an interest or a project that you would like to take up with neighbors - join a committee, or recommend the formation of one! Below are a list of the currently existing committees and the contact of the neighbor who leads it (also called a Chair).

To join a committee, complete the membership form and designate your interests in any of the following committees:

Architecture and Historic Districts Committee

The Architecture & Historic District Committee is responsible for working with the City to ensure Building Code enforcement, assisting Historic Districts with CHAP Guidelines enforcement, and monitoring City zoning enforcement. The Committee shall work in tandem with other committees to assist with preparation for presentation at hearings and attend them when possible.

For more information, contact the Architecture & Historic Districts Chair:

Events Committee

The Events committee is responsible for welcoming new Reservoir Hill residents, non-resident owners, and businesses, and recruiting members.

The Garden & Home Tour Subcommittee shall oversee the annual fundraising and marketing event and shall coordinate with the Social Committee.

For more information, contact the Events Chair: 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is responsible for coordinating all fundraising and membership-building activities and events. The Finance Committee shall assist the Treasurer in filing reports and meeting deadlines. The Committee shall assist the Board of Directors in raising funds by tracking donors and finding new sources of funding for the organization. 

There are two subcommittees of the Finance Committee: 

For more information, contact the Finance Chair:

Green Committee

The Green Committee works with Baltimore City Recreation & Parks and other organizations which ensure the health and well being of our parks, recreation, landscaping, trees, recycling, and waste collection. 

The Green Committee collaborates with the Issues and Education Committee to extend our greening initiatives into Dorothy I. Height Elementary school.

For more information, contact the Green Committee Chair: 

Issues & Education Committee

The issues and education committee is responsible for liaising with our local schools, community education, promoting voting, and assisting the Board of Directors in tracking elections, candidates, appointments, and any legislative issues of interest to RHA.

The B&P Tunnel Working Group is a subcommittee of the Issues & Education Committee. To join this working group please email

The Issues and Education Committee is seeking a Chair! Please contact if you are interested in chairing this committee. 

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee coordinates with the Secretary to assure consistent RHA branding and messaging. This committee collaborates with the RHA Webmaster. 

The Webmaster shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and shall:

(1) implement the policies adopted and authorized by the Board of Directors as they affect the web presence, (2) oversee maintenance and improvement of RHA internet (web)-based affairs, including maintaining organizational and social records in a safe and orderly manner (3) in conjunction with the Secretary, oversee the maintenance and improvement of RHA Domain web site, Facebook web site, Wikipedia website, and other related media.

For more information, contact the Marketing and Communications Chair:

Planning & Development Committee 

The Planning and Development Committee is responsible for educating its Members and RHA general Membership on pertinent City planning and real estate development issues, policies, and events. The PDC Chairperson (or designee of the Chairperson) may represent Reservoir Hill Association at functions and hearings.

Any position voiced on behalf of Reservoir Hill Association shall be based on a vote of RHA Members or Committee as determined by the Committee and Board of Directors Members based on the impact of the issue’s decision. In cases of urgency in which a general membership vote is not possible, the Chairperson may represent Reservoir Hill Association.

For more information, contact the Planning and Development Chair:

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee will frame, shape, and reach consensus on how Reservoir Hill residents, owners, and businesses attempt to tackle public safety challenges.

For more information, contact the Safety Chair: