General membership monthly meeting 2nd Tuesday of every month @7pm via Zoom

Meet your neighbors who volunteer with the Reservoir Hill Association and learn how to organize to make your neighborhood stronger.

If you are not yet a member of the Reservoir Hill Association, please consider joining today. We are an all-volunteer resident-run organization. Our work would be impossible without the continued contributions of our extremely talented and generous neighbors.

Whatever gifts you have, consider sharing them to expand the work of your neighborhood association.

What We Represent

The mission of Reservoir Hill Association (RHA) is to improve the quality of life for all residents and unite, support, and protect the interests of, all residents, non-resident owners, and lessees to make Reservoir Hill a leading thriving urban neighborhood in Baltimore.

"I offer Reservoir Hill Association my enthusiastic support and appreciation for its role as a unifying voice for the neighborhood -- there will now be a single representative source for "Reservoir Hill's position" led by and for its community members. I appreciate the service that the Association, in partnership with Reservoir Hill's historic districts, provides to the Community and Baltimore City and expects to provide in the future. As Mayor of Baltimore City, I recognize the effort it took to launch this Association that offers a cohesive presence in an organization focused on inclusiveness, transparency, and effective communication for Reservoir Hill's residents, owners, and businesses. Baltimore City leadership welcomes RHA's active involvement in the future of Baltimore and wishes RHA tremendous success in its future endeavors to enhance Reservoir Hill."
"...We would love to be a part of the Association... I love seeing when a community comes together. It's so uplifting when you come across others looking at the betterment of their area. If you need anything from us, happy to help... I think what you are doing is something that the area could greatly benefit from, and I applaud the resolve of those who have a hand in it. Looking forward to this new and exciting endeavor. Have a wonderful evening!"

Learn about Reservoir Hill

Baltimore’s Reservoir Hill, known for its uniqueness and architectural significance in a city of over 225 neighborhoods, is an area of tremendous character and historical importance. It has experienced momentous change, from wealthy business leaders who early on built magnificent homes, through generational and religious transitions in the early 1900s, to a precipice of struggle seen in many inner-city neighborhoods in the 1960s and 1970s. Depending on the year, or even the street, Reservoir Hill has historically been home to the wealthiest residents or those just struggling to survive. Still a diverse neighborhood and home to an eclectic mix of residents, Reservoir Hill provides a most engaging glimpse into the heart of an American city.

Kelly Dale Terrill is a local realtor. The images in Reservoir Hill came from the many outstanding museums and libraries in Baltimore and the proud residents of Reservoir Hill past and present.

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