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Request for Letters of Support

Thank you for your interest in receiving a letter of support from the Reservoir Hill Association (RHA). As a representative body of the Reservoir Hill community, we are committed to ensuring transparency and democracy in our actions. As such, in order for us to write a letter of support, we ask for your partnership in completing the following tasks:

Step 1: Provide written evidence of contacting the abutting and adjacent property owners and residents. Here is an example, with the petitioning property in blue and abutting and adjacent properties in orange:

Step 2: Request a date to present your request before the general membership of the RHA. At this meeting you may respond to any questions or concerns about your request before the general membership body.

Step 3: Provide informational materials, including your presentation, for website upload and sharing with our general membership.

Step 4: Allow two weeks for a vote on your request by the Planning and Development Committee or General Membership.

Thank you for your interest in the development of the Reservoir Hill community. Please email if you have any questions or concerns about this process or the status of your request.

— 2201 Brookfield Avenue

Seeks variance to bulk and yard regulations related to the use of premises as a multi-family dwelling consisting of twelve dwelling units. Variance required for off street parking.

  • Owner: 2201 Brookfield Project LLC

— 804 Newington Avenue

Use 1st floor of the premises as a day care center for 10 children (continue to use premises as multifamily dwelling)

  • Owner: Denzel Chin

— 2223 Callow Avenue

Seeks a letter of support regarding the transition of the single unit property into a two-unit multi-family unit conversion.

  • Owner: Sean Pennie

— 811 Chauncey Avenue

Seeks letter of support for a 2-Unit conversion, owner occupied. Convert basement into a separate unit with its own utilities, including on site parking at the rear.

  • Owner: Mattheu Mabry
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