We will

unite, support, protect and improve the quality of life for all residents

Why we need the rha

THE RESERVOIR HILL ASSOCIATION (“RHA”) IS NOT A NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP LIKE ALL OTHERS – it brings together everyone in our community, including those in groups (BPN, HMRTA, FORH, MORH, UEMNA, FOGP, RHIC, MRTHD, etc.), to collaborate and equitably represent Reservoir Hill. The 30+ Groups in Reservoir Hill are not asked to merge. The Association joins all efforts.

Merging as a unified Association avoids groups unknowingly duplicating or counteracting others’ efforts toward a shared goal. Let us protect everyone with a cooperative and representative Association to improve the quality of life of all those who are in any way involved with Reservoir Hill. The RHA will be the representative source for “Reservoir Hill’s position” about any topic. All groups, residents, and owners are welcome members who are invited to lead or participate and who authorize the Association leadership with specific duties.

Without an Association, those who seek the neighborhood’s endorsement contact targeted organizations without the knowledge or participation of most of Reservoir Hill. Let’s assure Reservoir Hill’s position represents the majority of the Community members’ (including non-resident owners’) opinions about issues that impact the majority. There is no Association despite sincere and dedicated past efforts. The Reservoir Hill Association will include all.

Our Mission

The Reservoir Hill Association, Inc. (RHA) was formed in 2020 to unify the Reservoir Hill neighborhood and harness the power of cooperation in its collective voice.

The mission of RHA is to improve the quality of life for all residents and unite, support, and protect the interests of, all residents, non-resident owners, and lessees to make Reservoir Hill a leading thriving urban neighborhood in Baltimore.

RHA aims to foster a safe, clean, diverse, socially equitable, transparent, green, creative, innovative, and conscious community.

RHA is a neighborhood-led Association, whose leadership is elected by its Members. All Reservoir Hill residents, non-resident owners, business owners, and lessees can participate in RHA leadership, committees, events, and activities.

We do this by​


— Engaging

Providing a forum to engage and inform the neighborhood


— Preserving

Preserving and protecting the historical architectural character of Reservoir Hill


— Protecting

Promoting and protecting neighborhood safety, security, traffic, transportation, parking, and child-friendly streets


— Facilitating

Facilitating the neighborhood’s relationship with Baltimore City departments, agencies, and officials


— Disclosing

Providing full disclosure and transparency of the Association’s communications, programs, activities, finances, operating standards, and practices


— Communicating

Communicating and networking within Reservoir Hill and its surrounding neighborhoods, businesses, institutions, and organizations


— Beautifying

Beautifying and preserving Reservoir Hill’s landscaping, parks, and recreation areas


— Maintaining

Maintaining a clean and vibrant neighborhood through regular clean ups


— Promoting

Promoting Reservoir Hill and equitable economic development

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